DealBook® WEB

dealbook web platform
DealBook WebWith no software to download or install, you can enjoy the comparable speed and agility of an application from your office, your couch or the park – anywhere you are connected to the Internet. DealBook® WEB is fast, powerful and easy, yet still offers you the capabilities of a desktop trading platform.

Developers: Global Futures & Forex, Ltd.
Demo Trading: YES
Brokerage companies: GFT Forex

Here are some of the trading tools and features of DealBook Web:

All the trading features of DealBook 360 (GFT’s current desktop platform) in a web environment
Access from your computer or any computer
Requires only an internet connection and browser
Multiple, full-screen flash-based charting capabilities
Track and trade 60+ currencies
For Mac or PC users

The Dashboard View

The dashboard view provides you with a single interface to quickly view all necessary order information, including buy and sell prices, which are then separated and displayed per selected currency pair.

Display up to a dozen currency pairs, customize your lot sizes and place your trades directly from the dashboard. Complete your order with a single click with confirmation, or right-click on the display box to place an advanced order, or quickly open a corresponding chart for a currency pair.

DealBook® WEB Dashboard View

The Quoteboard View

The quoteboard view allows you to monitor the bid / ask prices of up to 12 currency pairs as well as monitor floating P&L in terms of currency value and pips, all in real-time.

View bid and ask prices, choose your lot size, place new orders and create quick charts directly from the currency quoteboard. The quoteboard gives you the ability to quickly react and trade quickly because you have more information at your disposal when tracking the markets
DealBook® WEB Quoteboard View

Order Types

Single-click orders – Place market orders from the quoteboard or dashboard with a single click, simply by selecting buy or sell at the real-time price provided. Customize the number of lots you wish to trade with a simple drop-down menu.

Multiple order types – Place market orders, limit orders, stop orders, OCO and parent & contingent orders from the new order window. Choose the currency pair, number of lots, type of order, and customize the order type to help limit losses and protect profits.

Automated Trailing Stops – Select the price for your stop, check the ‘trailing stop’ feature and tell the system how far from the market you want your stop to trail. These stops may help you capture additional profits when the market moves in your favor, while also adding the risk-management of a traditional stop order.
DealBook® WEB Automated Trailing Stops


Select a currency pair, customize the chart by type and timeframe and view and analyze market trends.

Our flash-based charting module can be separated from the webpage and resized according to your needs without losing the precision and quality of the chart.

Choose from candlestick, line or bar charts, all updated in real-time, so you can monitor the market action for any of the 120+ currency pairs offered from GFT.

Since DealBook® WEB charting includes a New Window feature, you can create full-screen charts within a new browser window. The larger clean-looking charts can then be used to spot trends, chart patterns and other visual information you need for monitoring your forex trades.

Use the zoom bar to view short-term and long-term pricing data while viewing a specific timeframe, so you can always see the overall market activity and trends.

If you want more, you can also plot support and resistance levels with the included ‘Guides Tool,’ which allows you to view key price levels and anticipate turning points in the market.
DealBook® WEB charting