VT Trader™ 2.0

Software Review VT Trader 2.0

VT Trader™ 2.0

VT Trader 2.0 VT Trader™ 2.0. is comprehensive trading software sports a new efficient and intuitive interface with a variety of ways to personally organize your workspace. VT Trader™ 2.0 also offers an expanded arsenal of VT Mobile Trader fundamental and technical resources. Enhance your Forex trading experience with easy access to powerful tools, highly developed charting technology, Dow Jones news, and an advanced level of customization, sophistication and convenience that sets VT Trader™ apart from other Forex trading platforms.

System requirements: Microsoft XP/Vista (or higher)

Developers: Visual Trading Systems, LLC.
Demo Trading: YES
Brokerage companies: CMS Forex

Key Features and Benefits of VT Trader™

Chart Based Trading
VT Trader™ is among the first Forex trading software packages to allow you to trade directly on the chart. Point and click to open or close positions, drag and drop to maneuver stop and limit orders, zoom in or out to view overall trends – all directly on the graphical Forex chart.

Customizable Interface
Optimize the layout of your trading space: manage multiple windows with the tabbing and “Auto Hide” features, and re-arrange windows with the detach and docking functions. Organize and store the layout of your windows and custom settings.
100+ Technical Indicators
CMS Forex offers all the well known technical analysis indicators along with an array of powerful and customizable indicators just waiting to be discovered.

vt rader 2 Chart Based Trading

Custom Indicators
VT Trader™ offers the innovative Indicator Builder, which will allow you to program technical indicators from scratch or modify existing ones.

VT Trader custom indicators

Risk Management Tools
Trader’s Guardian allows you to analyze and assess your risk exposure. Risk management tools such as Limit and Stop orders, Trailing Stops, entry orders with preset stops and limits, Trader’s Range and others are readily available to be integrated into your Forex trading strategy.

Chart Pattern Recognition Technology
VT Trader™ 2.0 makes it easier to identify charting patterns through its fully integrated pattern recognition technology. With this feature, you can customize automated scans for chart patterns as well as use the quality gauges to assess trading opportunities and risk.

Custom Alerts
VT Trader™ offers advanced audio and visual notification features to ensure that you know the status of your positions, the market and your technical indicators.

Forex Autopilot
Forex Autopilot allows you to use existing automatic trading systems or to customize your own. With this feature, you can manage your account even while you are away.

forex auto pilot

With redundant connections and a high level of security, you can be confident that our servers are performing reliably and always under close scrutiny.

Dow Jones News
CMS Forex offers our live clients in-depth currency data, actionable news and rolling market commentary such as MarketTalk from the distinguished Dow Jones.