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SaxoTrader is an on-line trading system developed by Saxo Bank to meet the exacting trading demands of its customers. SaxoTrader combines a secure on-line environment with a wealth of trading modules to help you make successful trading decisions with real-time execution.

System requirements: Microsoft XP/Vista (or higher)

Developers: SAXO BANK
Demo Trading: YES
Brokerage companies: SaxoBank
SaxoTrader benefits:

Complete product range – 155+ FX crosses (incl. Spot Gold/Silver), 6,000+ CFDs, 16 Index-tracking CFDs, Stocks from 22 exchanges, as well as FX Options, Futures contracts and other derivatives
Double leverage available on a range of single-stock CFDs and all Index-tracking CFDs
Fully personalised trading environment, complete with prices, market analyses, data and news modules, technical analysis and charting functions
Extensive market analysis and up-to-the-second news service
Excellent liquidity, one-click trading for fast execution and full range of trade orders
Two-way dealer chat – direct access to our dealers
Reliability of trading with a fully licensed and regulated European bank

Chart System

The new powerful chart system in SaxoTrader allows you to manipulate, analyse and compare historic prices for multiple instruments. Benefit from all the functionality and features of a professional charting subscription, delivered as standard. Enjoy unprecedented facilities for analysing historic price data for an instrument.
Saxotrader Chart Forex
Dragging and Zooming
The new charting system allows you to quickly move around the price data for an instrument:

Drag the chart to see past data.
Drag the axes to scale or compress the chart.
Zoom in and out using the zoom tool.

Analyse Patterns and Trends
The new chart system contains a number of tools to help you analyse patterns and trends including:

Multiple lines and annotations.
Many new studies, in addition to the existing favourites.
Trading Account Integration
Show open orders directly from your trading accounts.

Compare Multiple Instruments
Display multiple instruments on the same axis for easy comparison. Drag and set the reference point to compare specific points in time.

Flexible Workspaces

Fully customisable workspaces, offering complete control over your trading environment and the space available.
saxotrader work views

Customisable Views
Views allow you quick, convenient access to any number of screen layouts via tabs along the top of the workspace. For example, you could set up:

A trading view, dedicated to frequently-traded or favorite instruments, complete with trade modules, charts, analysis and news for those instruments.
An account view, including your current positions and margin, account statement and more detailed account reports.
An analysis view with market reports and updates from Saxo Bank and other top market analysts.

Documents and Panels
Within SaxoTrader, trading modules and tools can be displayed in different formats. The format you choose depends on the module.

Documents — a format best-suited for larger tools that contain a lot of information or text. Documents fill the whole screen and form the basis of a view.
Panels — a more flexible format that allows modules to be located around the documents, moved around the workspace and even placed outside the workspace if you work with multiple screens.

Dockable Panels
SaxoTrader’s flexible workspace helps you make the best use of the available space. Space-saving features include:

Panels (both single and tabbed groups) can float outside of the platform — perfect if you use multiple screens.
Panels can be tabbed on top of one another.
Panels can be docked together.
Panels can be hidden when not in use.

Trading from the Price Board

Integrating all trading products into a single trade module, the new price board in SaxoTrader allows you to monitor market prices for many instruments from a single price list, and trade directly on these live prices.

The new price board is fully customisable, allowing you to add the information you need from prices, percentage and Net Changes to Futures Trade Volumes and Open Interests.