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Forex Economic Calendar is a publication of the essential economic events including market expectations, historic data and actual events.

Economic indicators can help you get a sense for the general economic trend of a country. For example, an employment report that shows more jobs being created month after month, can show that an economy is becoming more productive. While a falling retail sales report can be a warning that growth is starting to contract.


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Learning the monthly sequence of economic releases and currency market reaction to each release is one of the first steps in learning to track the Forex Market.


  1. PoohBearPenguin says:

    What are the fundamentals news that make a influence in the EUR/USD pair and how it does it?

    Could you give me a list of fundamentals and the way (positive/negative) each influence this pair?

    I have problem, because I am a newbie, to recognize them.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. The Dark Knight says:

    I want to know which is a good web-based trading platform that I can use while traveling. I can’t keep on downloading the MT4 on the company’s laptop every time. Something which gives live & accurate rates. Please help.

  3. Rkmc says:

    such speeches like Fed Chairman Bernanke Speech and so on. i trade usd/eur. i dont like bloomberg cause its hit or miss if they will show it or not.

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