Are you looking for Forex software? It can be difficult to decide which currency trading software to use. Today hundreds of brokerage companies offering their services online, many of them offer trading platforms to their clients as part of their packages. However, you should not use any software simply because it is included in the package the Forex broker is providing. It would still be best to do a research about different Forex platforms and trading tools before deciding whether or not to use it. But you can also look for third party software that are widely available online. If you choose to go for a third party platform, you can have the freedom to trade through different brokers while using the same application.

These are just a few recommendations that you might want to consider. The most important thing about looking for the best software for trading is identifying your own personal needs first as a Forex trader. Doing a thorough platforms comparison is also recommended so you can clearly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of one Forex trading software from another.

popular Forex software

Below are the list of best trading platforms that are most popular among Forex traders around the globe. Start trading currency by choosing the platform which best suits your own personal needs.

However, it might also be confusing for some to know which trading software they should use to help them in successful currency trading. Here are tips on how to choose the best Forex trading software.

Mobile Forex Platforms

Today is a wide choice for Forex traders on-the-move advanced and highly customisable trading platforms specifically designed to meet the requirements of investors who need the flexibility of currency trading. Whether you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, an Android phone, a Blackberry, an iPad, a Nokia or a Windows Mobile, in this section we´ll be reviewing Forex trading platforms that allow you to trade currencies on the go.

iPhone Forex Applicationandroid forex platform

Best web based platforms

Web Based advanced and flexible trading platform for Forex allows trading from almost any place that has a computer and Internet connection. It doesn’t require any additional software installation. Web browser based run from the web with no installs. Forex brokers usually offer Java or Flash Web trading platforms.